About us

Casa Luca is situated at the entrance of Vama Veche, on the right side, 20 meters away from the street heading to the beach. The motel offers 119 available beds to be booked in two locations.

The first location was opened on May 1st, 2008 and it offers 72 beds to be reserved in 30 room,furnished practically. Each room has its own bathroom with complimentary toiletries, a TV and free wi-fi. Some of the rooms have air-conditioning and sea-view balconies.

The second location was opened in 2012 and has a capacity of 47 beds in 18 rooms that have their own bathroom and a TV.

The motel is composed of rooms in which two, three, or four people can stay in. The terrace situated on the top of the building gives you the opportunity to enjoy an amazing view of the Black Sea  or Vama Veche in all its exquisitness.

For a careless and safe stay, we also provide free parking in the motel’s yard; both locations have free parking for you.

We also opened the “Casa Luca’s Restaurant” which offers a wide range of fresh, traditional food. The restaurant has to offer delectable dining options, as well as the guarantee of the safety and the quality of the food, because the kitchen is situated at sight and the guests can watch how the food is prepared.

The property is situated at 50 meters for the closest bus station and 12 km from the Mangalia train station. Nevertheless, it’s close to the beach, at aproximately 150 m.